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Custom Packaging From CannaLuxe

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In today’s world, branding is everything. Having unique custom boxers, mylar bags, and even shipping boxes can help distinguish your product from the competition, increasing your overall sales. At CannaLuxe Packaging, we are extending our branding, design, and custom packaging services to encompass a wide variety of industries. So whether you are looking for custom slide-out box packaging for your product or you are looking for child-resistant mylar bags for your homemade edibles, our designers and creators are excited to help you along your entrepreneurial journey with the best custom packaging available. Our in-house production team handles it all from the initial consultation to professional designers to make your packaging come to life, and fast delivery ensures your business can thrive with its new custom packaging from CannaLuxe! 

The Importance Of Having Custom Packaging

The percentage of businesses, both small and large, making the switch to custom packaging is increasing daily! Custom packaging is a great way to ensure your message is coming across to consumers as well as help create a strong brand identity. Think of it this way, many people may not know the brand of their shampoo that is sitting in their shower right now, but they can go pick another one up at the store just based on its packaging! Custom packaging allows you to implement important brand elements such as logos, patterns, colors, themes, and custom brand designs into your products’ containers and even shipping boxes. Some added benefits of custom packaging include:

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Keeps your product safe when shipping:

Packaging’s main function is to keep your product safe and free from damage while in transit to the customer. While there are countless packing solutions available on the market, many packing companies do not take into consideration your specific product, leaving you with an ill-fitting box or bag, causing your product to be damaged.

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Keeps your customers safe:

Not only is your product’s safety a concern, but so is your customer’s safety. For specific products (like cannabis for one) it is important to follow state guidelines and regulations. For food and household products, it is also important to include nutritional value, especially potential allergens. Custom packaging can include all of the above information, while still maintaining its brand identity and elevating the customer’s experience.

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Enhances your customers’ experience:

Unboxing videos have increasingly become more popular as new apps like TikTok have been created. If the product’s packaging is more customizable to the business (unique, quirky, personalized) it will make the customer feel more inclined to share their experience with others, increasing your brand awareness and sales. Bottom line: custom packaging elevates your customers’ experience.

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Effectively increases brand awareness and value:

Custom packaging is the most efficient way to set your product apart from the competition. It allows you to share specific messaging and styles with your consumer audience driving sales. 

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Captures a customer’s attention:

Why have boring packaging when you can have custom packaging featuring your brand’s color scheme and logo? Custom packaging gives your brand a higher level of credibility. For example, a homemade soap maker: while a plain brown bag will do, a custom wrap-around label is more aesthetically pleasing and gives the customer more insight into the company and its status.

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Allows for both functionality and practicality:

a perfect example is resealable packaging! For food and other perishable items, resealable packaging is a game-changer! 

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Allows you to select eco-friendly alternatives to traditional packaging:

over the past decade, consumers have become more and more conscious of their environmental impact, opting to go for more sustainable or environmentally friendly brands.

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Reduce your shipping costs:

custom packaging made specifically for your product can drastically reduce your shipping cost due to a better fit and lighter materials.

The right packaging company can help you develop a true brand identity for your product. At CannaLuxe Packaging, we are dedicated to helping your business grow and thrive by creating high-quality, custom packaging made to your specifications. Our team of designers can choose and create your custom packaging tailored to your specific product whether that be toys, candy, soaps, or any other product. 

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Mylar Bags

Mylar bags are one of the most versatile packaging options we offer our clients. Not only is it highly customizable, but it’s also functional – allowing you to have a product package that is aesthetically pleasing while also certified child-resistant. Some added benefits of this custom packaging option include:


Opaque in Color

Versatile use

Kraft Exit Bag Options

Tamper Evident


Compliant With Industry Regulations

Eco-Friendly Options Available (Recyclable/Biodegradable)

Retains Product Freshness

Multiple Finishes

Custom Sizes

Types Of Custom Product Packaging Materials

When considering making the switch to custom packaging, you need to consider the type of packaging materials you would like to use. Two main packaging materials that many companies utilize are paper-based and plastic-based. Or if you are dealing with food or other edibles, tin boxes may be a better option. When selecting the material it is very important to let your packaging experts know what type of product you will be using this packaging for, and how it does when shipping (ex. If it is prone to melting due to higher temperatures). 

At CannaLuxe, we can make your branding dream become a reality with our dynamic packaging options. Not only can we help you create the perfect label, but we can also help advise you on the packaging materials that would be best suited for your industry, product, compliance needs, and also for your overall branding mission (even if you are looking for eco-friendly packaging!). Here are just two of the many types of packaging we offer:

Custom Boxes

CannaLuxe is proud to offer business owners a wide variety of custom boxes to fit their product packaging needs. While we are known for our slide-out cannabis boxes, we also offer luxury custom boxes for any industry. Our sleek designs can be used in a variety of industries including food, such as gourmet chocolates. Or if you are a jeweler looking for an elegant box for high-end jewelry pieces like an engagement ring, we also offer custom magnetic boxes. No matter your need or industry, our in-house design team will work with you to develop the custom packaging of your dreams. Our boxes feature:

Customized Molding

Enhanced Logo

Sophisticated Functionality

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Industries We Serve

CannaLuxe Packaging first set out specifically to aid the ever-growing cannabis industry with branding through our innovative packaging solutions. Since our creation, our talented team of designers and creators have branched out into a wide variety of industries including, but not limited to:

Baked Goods.png

Baked Goods






Vitamins & Supplements


Beauty & Cosmetics


And More!

Our mission is to help businesses, both small and large, better serve their customers with custom packaging solutions. 

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Why Choose CannaLuxe Packaging

CannaLuxe Packaging provides business owners with the opportunity to create a unique brand identity for customers to resonate with. Whether you own a dispensary, or you make homemade soaps, CannaLuxe’s team of in-house designers can help your vision come to life! As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the importance of finding partnerships that support your brand from the beginning stages to the final product execution. Check out these additional benefits of partnering with CannaLuxe for your custom product packaging needs: 

  • Premium Packaging 

  • Variety of Finishes 

  • In-House Design Team 

  • Eco-Friendly Packaging Options Available 

  • Wide Range of Packaging Sizes, Materials, & Solutions 

  • Custom Prints 

  • Customer-Centric Approach

Additional Services We Offer

Your business is our business. At CannaLuxe our in-house design team is dedicated to your individual business needs and growth. We aren’t just a one-size fits all packaging company. Our customer-centric approach allows us to get to know your company, dive into the strategy and goals, and create something truly special. We are your total branding experts offering you a variety of design services including:

Custom Packaging Designs.png

Custom Packaging Designs

Logo Creation.png

Logo Creation

Custom Labels.png

Custom Labels

Boxes & Mylar Bags.png

Boxes & Mylar Bags

All of our services feature one-of-a-kind designs, all for affordable pricing to give your brand the competitive edge it deserves. 


Get Started On Your Custom Product Packaging Today!

Other packaging companies just don’t get it — consistent custom packaging opens the door to new levels of success. At CannaLuxe Packaging, our in-house design team is dedicated to better serving businesses, both small and large, providing the perfect blend of quality and customization for every brand we work with. We are more than just a cannabis packing company, we are your top choice for custom packaging solutions for any product and any industry. Your brand deserves to stand out. Give it life with a custom logo creation or luxury custom package by CannaLuxe. 

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