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 Magnetic Box

Custom Rigid Magnetic Box / MOQ 1,000

Why settle for boring when you can get the customized packaging your brand deserves? We have a dedicated team of creative experts to help you stand out from your competitors. Get the visual that will make your brand pop in every angle, driving in retention for the long run. Adding in your customized logo, we have a textured and sleek box attached with powerful magnets for sophisticate functionality that your customers will never tire of. 


  • Customized molding. It is shaped to fit your product's design and features. Get the perfect box that protects and declares your brand

  • Your Logo, Enhanced, Revamped. A team of graphic artists is dedicated to optimizing your brand's visuals, giving it a shape that states your brand's genuine expression. 

  • Your packaging is your biggest asset. You'll be working with professionals who have delivered results for many years. Let us do the marketing so you can focus on improving the quality of your products. 

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