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Custom Branded Cones / MOQ 6000

As a business, you want to give your brand the opportunity to be with your customers as much as possible. These customizable printed cones give you’re the opportunity to create yet another touchpoint with your customers. Elevating your brand is easy with these custom-printed cones. We know that you care deeply about your customers and only want them to have the best of the best when it comes to their cannabis accessories and products.

Because of this, we ensure a premium product that is crafted using materials of only the highest quality. Each and every cone is made using 100% unbleached pure hemp pulp, rice white paper, and unbleached and unrefined wood pulp. These cones are fully customizable, with options to personalize both the paper, the tip, and the foil crutch. We can create your designs using 100% soy ink printing. No toxic or artificial materials are used so that you can provide products to your customers with complete peace of mind.

Available Sizes: 84mmX26mm / 98mmX26mm / 109mmX26mm

Unbleached 100% Pure Hemp Pulp (13 GSM)

Unbleached Unrefined Wood Pulp (12.5 GSM)

Rice White Paper (13.5 GSM)

Full Color Printing on Tip

We can implement complete design on paper & foil crutch.

100% Soy Ink Printing

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