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Custom Cartridge Tubes / MOQ 1,000

Storing your cannabis products has never been easier or more effective. Our child-resistant cylinder tubes is designed to hold marijuana products intended for vaping.

Our tubes are fully customizable and offer the highest level of protection – a truly creative solution to cannabis storage. Use our tubes to carry your vape pens, cartridges, flowers, pre-rolls, even your vape batteries. You can also use the tube to store cannabis oil containers, hemp oil bottles, e-liquid bottles, and other cannabis products.

Not only are our tubes useful and made from the highest quality materials, but they are also stylish and fully customizable depending on your style, needs, and taste.

With our packaging solutions, you can set your marijuana products apart from the rest of the pack. You are in full control when it comes to choosing how to best present your products. A highly customized, personally designed tube is an easy way to show your potential customers that your product is high-quality and has a high level of brand ownership.

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