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Pre Roll Tin Container


Pre Roll Tin Container / MOQ 5,000

Customers love the convenience of pre-rolled cannabis and hemp flower. Unfortunately, storing pre-rolls can be tricky - it’s essential that the cannabis stays fresh and the joints maintain their shape.


That’s why our tin container is the ideal packaging for pre-rolls. The tin keeps cannabis fresher for longer as it reduces exposure to moisture, oxygen, and light. The container’s unique lock keeps it sealed, which means that it won’t accidentally open during transit.

The pre-roll tin container also includes cardboard compartments, which keep the pre-rolls separate and maintain their shape. The compartments can be removed and the tin can be reused.


This high-quality tin is the ideal surface area to display your unique visual branding.


Our team will take care of the packaging design, graphics, and finishing so that your product catches the eyes of your intended audience.

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